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For over 15 years we’ve been making the world a happier place with brands that are good for scale and good for people.

Successful Process Conversions


We help you convert your vision into a reality using a perfect blend of technology and creative human theory.



Engage with your customers across multiple platforms and build honest relationships with customers.


Take control over your reputation and improve your brand experience for current and future customer bases.

Untapped Creativity

IKR Media has been helping brands and businesses grow for over 15 years. As we discover new opportunities for our clients, old and new, our team continues to help entreprenuers, business owners and other creative individuals adapt to modern trends and technology.

Today, IKR Media helps build, manage and grow various brands in diverse markets. Making us nearly unstoppable when it comes to finding new opportunities for you.


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Let’s Do Something Better Together!

IKR Media thrives on the idea of building long lasting relationships with our clients. We want everyone to be happy, satisfied and adaptable to change. Our mission is to create a culture within the business community that is delightful, fruitful and well rewarding.

If you are unsure about how we can help you and your business, give us a call and let’s talk. Everything awesome starts with a great conversation.


Answers to Your Questions

Do I really need a website?

Well, um…. Yes. Your business needs a website and it needs a modern website that works communicates with the web properly (i.e. Google)

Can’t I just do everything myself?

Techinically, yes. You can market your business yourself. 

What if I don’t see the results expected?

We understand that we can’t just sprinkle a little magic dust over your business and expect great things to happen. That being said, we also try to take appropriate action on methods we believe is best for your business. Our communication will help us maintain a plan that we are both satisfied with.

I already have a marketing person. Do I still need an agency?

This can be a complicated scenario. In most cases yes. IKR Media works with many individuals who represent the marketing direction for a business entity. Sometimes we are able to even educate the person to the point of becoming a much more valuable asset to your business directly. Our approach is focused on the business and making sure you receive results that help you succeed. Whether your staff is involved or not.

Do you help businesses grow offline too?

While helping businesses grow online seems to be the most common, IKR Media is dedicated to helping your business succeed regardless of whether or not it is online or in-house.

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