Secured WordPress Hosting Plans & Pricing




per month

Perfect for low-traffic websites, minimally active blogs and hobbyists

User-friendly design tool
Advanced forms
Core updates
Secure site protection
Monthly backups
CDN routing
Fast load speeds
Traffic reporting
Expedited support



per month

Larger businesses and organizations looking to grow and scale

Business plan plus:
VIP support
Advanced local SEO tools
QR code marketing (2)
Nightly backups
Quarterly blog articles
Monthly task credits (2)
ADA content support
Free consultations

Frequently Asked Questions

No! For the record, we’re not exactly against this practice but we thrive on keeping our process transparent and direct with our clients. Providing a much more direct experience.

You do! When you hire IKR Media, we’re simply providing a service. However, it is important to note that certain premium licensing may be required to utilize your website outside of our space (all licensing is including with all site care plans).

By default, no. Hosting and maintenance is vital to your websites success which is why we offer multiple site care plans. But your website will need an active hosting plan regardless of where you take it.

If you are subscribed to any of our site care plans then no need to worry about taking the time to make edits or worse, messing up your live website. We’ll handle to content updates for you! If you choose to host with another provider, additional fees may apply to content change requests.

Most hobby-level website designs start at about $550. Of course, this cost may increase based on your additional/specific needs (forms, custom pages, etc).

All of our site care plans include technical support along with other great benefits like website security, website speed and analytics for tracking monitoring.

Every website has the potential to rank but you will need a sufficient marketing plan in place that will require a commitment of both finance and time. Contact us to learn more about your potential and how we can help.

The only time your website is “no longer needed” is if your business is officially closed (or done). But even in the rare event this happens, we can simply make a backup of your website – just in case you want it later – and remove the website from the web. Keep in mind that no refunds are issued for unused resources. Service credit may be available.

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