Local Search Optimization

Increase Authority with Google Search

Google search optimization can be quite a complex scenario which is why we examine each client individually and build a gameplan based on your specific goals and needs.

Google Search Optimization

Gain authority in Google search results with continuous listing updates and website communication actions.

Google My Business (GMB) Management

Google My Business is ignored by over 90% of the businesses listed online but this is one of the most crucial pieces of your visibility.

Business Listings Management

We will handle all of your business listing changes including product updates, hours, contact points and website links.

AI Device Business Listing Recognition

Help people find your business online when they use smart AI powered devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Nest devices.

Why it matters

Google has never been used as much as it is used now and that isn't going to change

Google search results are built with variable factors and algorithms in place that change on a daily basis and requires an ongoing strategic approach to ensure your business is placed in front of qualified candidates. 

Here are a few key stats for you to reference:


National increase in lawsuits


Of websites sued more than once


Of websites are inaccessible


Of the population has a disability

Improve your website visibility

If you’re online then you deserve to be found. Our implemented Google search visibility integration helps your website and business contact information be found where qualified candidates are searching.

Be discovered across multiple in-home AI devices (like alexa)

AI powered devices are still considered to be in their infancy phase when it comes to utilization. We are no doubt rapidly adopting the use of this technology and we can help your business get connected with those searching for what you offer whether it be product, service or information.

Outperform your competition and capture real customers

Competition is powered by two key factors; financial investment and focused objectives. Many agencies claim that the only way to beat the competition is to invest more money but that isn’t always true. We help your brand establish a balanced approach to competitive success.